JetStream PoolProtect

The problem: technical defects are often the cause of accidents in pools.

These can be excessive suction performance, neglectful maintenance and a lack of professional safety concepts.


The solution: JetStream PoolProtect.

The first modular suction control system, that not only assures the safety of swimmers but also detects dangerous situations before these become threatening. Existing JetStream systems can be retrofitted with any of the invidual modules.


Module 1. Wave, the innovative suction point.

·    The special 3-D-Design guards against inadvertent suction of foreign matter and thus prevents any dangerous vacuum.

·    Even when the screen front is completely blocked up, enough water flows through the peripheral openings before any dangerous underpressure can develop.


·    The wave design and micro holes prevent hair entrapment. 

·    Available in 3 different sizes.

·    This module can be retrofitted. 

Module2. IQ-Stop, the intelligent suction point control.

·      This system detects missing suction covers or pressure drop in the system, for example when a foreign object has been sucked in.

·      In case of danger, the pump is automatically stopped.

·      At the same time the whole system is locked, so that e.g. the pump cannot be activated inadvertently.

·      Normal operation can only be resumed after a system reset.

·      Several suction points can be monitored, separately or in a group, depending on the pipework installation.

·      Even damaged suction points can be actively monitored.

·      This module can be retrofitted.

Module 3. Anti-Vacuum, the integrated security valve.

·      The security valve opens when there is a dangerous underpressure in the suction line (e.g. when obstructed by an object) and ventilates the pipework.

·      This causes the underpressure to drop and the foreign matter can easily be removed.

·      This module can be retrofitted.



All good things come in threes.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. All three modules ensure optimal protection against accidents.

For public and domestic pools.